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We are two passionate mountain bikers and our young business venture started from a random encounter while biking on the trails high above the valley. Both of us love sharing the big outdoors on bikes with guests. Add to that the fact that we both spend much time at our mountain cabins in the area - we know the trails, vistas and stories of the valley like none other. With our commitment to preserve and care for our natural surroundings we decided to share our passion for respectful mountain biking with guests from all walks of life. Ready to ride?

Joel Schmidheiny

Since a very young age, riding a bike brings a smile to my face - and the wilder the terrain, the bigger the smile. I am a certified mountain bike guide with over 15 years of experience across Switzerland and the world - including multiple expeditions to the Himalayas, Central Asia, Scandinavia.

I was born and grew up in the Alps of French-speaking Switzerland, have lived and worked across many countries and speak multiple languages. When not riding bikes or improving my cabin, I am an innovation coach in a multinational company. My motto: every day is a gift - take it with a smile and do something good with it.

See you on the trails!

Bike guide
Luca Caramel

The rugged mountain life is a source of inspiration to me and I love to fix mechanical problems of all kinds. As a seasoned professional chauffeur I have safely brought each of my passengers to their destination, whether large international conferences or a tourist trip to the mountains.

I am just as passionate about and skilled at fixing up bikes and cars - including oldtimers - as I am about cutting trees to provide fire wood for my cabin in the Gottardo mountains.

I was born in Zurich but grew up in Ticino. Italian is my native language although I also speak English and am working on my Ticino dialect.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Bike guide & driver

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Respecting our nature
Celebrating local culture
Appreciating each other
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